My Priorities

  • Listen to all local residents
  • Improve public transport links & support plans for the tram to be extended through the area to reduce carbon emissions which will enable better health for residents
  • Work with the police to reduce crime and speeding in the area
  • Promote inward investment to local businesses in order to create jobs and opportunities.
  • Build on the healthy eating initiatives for all
  • Develop the sport and wellness initiatives so they are accessible to all residents
  • Tackle litter and fly tipping issues working with residents, council and businesses
  • Work with the Friends groups in the area to support them in all the great work they continue to do
  • Support Longley college and schools in our area to ensure children and young people are getting the training needed to access Green jobs and apprenticeships if they choose
  • Support residents in resolving any issues they have with council services
  • Making our area a better place to live, work, play, socialise and retire
Firth Park Ward

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