About Me

April Worrall

Independent Candidate for Firth Park Ward

STOP PRESS!! I am the only resident from Firth Park Ward standing in the election!

I have lived in the area all of my life from High Wincobank to Firth Park. I have also raised my family here and it was during this time that I started to get more involved in my local area. Coming from a working class family I was encouraged to find a steady job and not waste time volunteering as it doesn’t pay. Attending playgroups with my children, church and clubs I learned that many community activities wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for locals volunteering. And volunteering does pay in many ways.

So, I started to look for areas I could help in locally alongside doing a job and raising a family. I volunteered my services based on my strengths and work experience. This took me to Longley College where I mentored students on the Career Ready Scheme. I then went on to run a Code Club for children at the library during the summer and finally I volunteered at a local school as a foundation governor.

During my time volunteering, I got to meet more people from my local and wider area of Sheffield. I started to understand the issues faced in schools due to the lack of funding and the cuts the library were facing. The library being such a key place in our community where residents complete benefit, job and housing applications, seek housing advice and where some children go to use computers because they don’t have one at home.

Volunteering at Church has also opened my eyes to the importance of the church and other religious organisations in people’s lives. Running groups for senior members of our communities to meet up, who some told me they wouldn’t speak to anyone all week if it wasn’t for these groups. Holiday clubs and playgroups that enable parents to meet up with others just for an hour.

It was all the above experiences that made me decide to stand as an Independent Councillor in Firth Park. I want to, with your help, rewrite Firth Park’s story into an even better one. Make it the place to live, work, play and retire. I can only do this if I win the forthcoming by-election. So be a super hero and vote Independent on 16th September.

What do I do
  • Over 20 years experience in government covering benefits, recruitment, contracting and supporting ministers.
  • I have also run a small business for 10 years where I employed mostly local people and ensured a living wage was paid.
  • Voluntary roles: School governor, STEM AMbassador, Covid volunteer to help keep church open, mentor at Longley College & run Code Clubs for children in the area.